Track WebForm Submissions with Agency Analytics

Track WebForm Submissions with Agency Analytics

If you’re here, you need the ability to track form submissions in order to report them easily within your Agency Analytics dashboard. As of this time of writing, the Agency Analytics API system is a closed one, meaning it cannot interact with other API’s.

We do have a workaround! All you have to do is post your webform submissions to also go to a Google Sheet and one of the top webform plugins for WordPress, Contact Form 7 (CF7).

Once you have a Google Sheet created starting from Untitled and the Contact Form 7 plugin installed and activated with a form built, we can get started!

Let’s name the Google Sheet, I replace “Untitled” with “contactpageform” and on the bottom tab, I also update the name, replacing “Sheet1” with “contactpageform1”. We will need these shortly so note them down.

Now that we have our google sheet named, let’s head over to the WordPress backend.

Install and Activate the plugin “CF7 Google Sheets Connector” from the WordPress plugin directory or manually here.

Now head over to the “Contact” Menu for Contact Form 7 in the WordPress Dashboard and edit the contact form you want to connect to Google Sheets.

You should have a new Menu Tab for “Google Sheets”.

Click on the “Google Sheets” tab and let us input the form connection settings.

Make sure to replace with your setup as needed, the Google Sheet Id is found in the URL see below, and the Google Tab Id should be set to the number zero 0.

Then save the sheet.

Let’s now make the actual API connection with the Plugin and Google Account for the Google Sheet access.

Visit the “Google Sheets” main menu tab for the Contact Form 7 plugin under “Contact” in the WordPress Dashboard:

Then you can click Get Code, make sure you are using the correct Google Account and that you are logged in.

Click Allow Three Times:

Then you can copy the code you need for the plugin connection page:

Paste it into the plugin code section and click save.

Now we just need to populate the fields for the Google Sheet to render correctly.

In the Contact Form’s Mail Tab, Copy over the Fields in Use into the Google Sheet first line as in the screenshot below. The first should always be date for the timestamp!

Now web form submissions should begin to populate into this Google Sheet, as well as send/post web form submissions to the emails.

Pro Tip: You can also add a form database plugin as another redundant backup to store contact form submits into the WordPress database. I like to use Flamingo with CF7, there are others too. WPForms has also has its own, and Gravity Forms does it automatically out of the box.

Now you can login to the dashboard that you want to setup in Agency Analytics and click “Edit Dashboard” and then click the plus sign “+” Button to “Add Widget”.

Click on Misc, then click on Google Sheets, and you can add the “Table” widget from the menu.

The new widget will appear on the dashboard. We can now click on the “Setup” button.

Again, making sure that you are logged into the correct Google Account. Integrate the API connection between Google Sheets.

Sometimes you won’t have the correct sheet in the drop down for “Spreadsheet”; you may need to delete the widget and try again, it happened to me as well, possible because the order of authentication before adding the widget for future reference.

Once that is complete you can select the correct Sheet from the account and begin displaying the sheet in a table on Agency Analytics Dashboard.

Here’s a real form submit that happened after my setup on Google Sheet:

and here is what it looks like on the Agency Dashboard Google Sheet Widget displayed:

I hope that helps you!


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