Store Web Submissions from the Top 3 WordPress Forms in the Dashboard/Database

If you’re here, you are running webforms on WordPress using Contact Form 7 (CF7), WPForms or GravityForms and you want to store form submissions to the Database for another backup to view/export on demand.

Contact Form 7

You have a few options that I have tested when it comes to storing web form submissions to the database and backend of wordpress using Contact Form 7 (CF7).

My personal favorite is from the same developer, Takayuki Miyoshi, and its called Flamingo. Search for ‘Flamingo’ in the Add Plugins section in the Dashboard and Activate it, that’s it. You now have a new menu tab in the sidebar with “Flamingo” and it’s storing all the new webform submissions in the backend and WordPress’ Database. At the time of writing, tested and working with the latest version on WP 5.5.


If you’re using WP Forms, and you need to store web submissions to the WordPress Database, then look no further then the plugin ‘WPForms Database Addon’. Just search for it in the plugin section of WordPress and activate it. That’s it. You’ll have timestamped records of each form submit from a user, the ability to view each record from the Plugins Dashboard, and a CSV Export option. At the time of writing, tested and working with the latest version on WP 5.5

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms stores web submissions through their forms in the WordPress Database out of the box. You don’t need to do anything or add a plugin, it is an included feature.

I Hope that helps!

– NR

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