Go High Level: Marketing’s Swiss Army Knife

I can vouch for GoHighLevel!

After over year of hands-on agency experience with creating a complete high level setup from start to finish for my agencies and agency clients and their clients. In my opinion, It truly is the future of internet marketing and modern communication to help turn leads into customers stored in a smart CRM.

Review and Reputation Management

The reputation management that is built is is one of the simplest and effective I have used, not as powerful as Bird Eye just yet, but it is very capable, especially when in the hands of non-tech savvy clients. It solves the issue of bad review outreach for businesses.

The main points you really need for you and your clients are present, the ability to pull in reviews from Google and respond to them while pulling them into your monthly reports.

Call Tracking on Go High Level with Twilio vs Call Rail

The Call Tracking, again, not as comprehensive as a setup as Call Rail can provide for instance, but it is very capable, especially paired with a giant call provider like Twilio. It makes for a solid call tracking platform, for single and multiple keyword numbers for PPC use.

Workflows vs the old Campaigns and Triggers

The new workflows feature is an amazing upgrade from having to deal with the triggers and campaigns of old. Now this and more, is included in workflows all in one. Huge upgrade when it comes to ease of use in funnel building for anyone involved.

Sending lots of emails? No issue, with Mail Gun attached, your emails are solidly delivered to your clients and their clients customer bases. Once you setup the DNS records and domain in MailGun and GoHighLevel, you’re covered.

Go HighLevel is an amazing system…

I’m just scratching the surface even here on this post, the client two way text conversations and emails that are pulled into the contacts CRM is incredible, add that with triggers to have a “smart AI” reply chat bot for common questions and options is down right amazing. They even just added payments with Stripe for the agency and agency clients to accept payments from customers.

If you need it for business or marketing, Go HighLevel seems to always have it along with an intuitive design.

I highly recommend it for small to medium sized marketing agencies to try out for themselves and their team. It is a great offering for client’s to have powering their businesses.

Norton Rodriguez

Take Care!