Earl Shoaff’s Rules For Success

  1. Positive thinking only!
  2. Positive, victorious speech only!
  3. Faith, you must believe.
  4. You must be specific with your wants and desires.
  5. We are creators, be careful what you create.
  6. Learn how to be very specific when you describe things you desire.
  7. Visualize your dreams and desires, these are seeds that must be planted.
  8. Be grateful, accept that you have received it in advance.
  9. Don’t look at it anymore, plant the seed, like the farmer and just wait expectantly.
  10. Now your desires start to work and move towards you.
  11. Again, have the faith to believe that it is so!
  12. Do NOT Doubt!
  13. Now your mind begins to see it, bringing it forth, and seeking it out, subconsciously.
  14. Act, talk, and think like you already have those things, and are expecting them soon.
  15. Then, continue to think and be creative and plant more seeds.
  16. Teach your children that they can be anything and have anything that they want in this world.
  17. Give, in order to receive. You won’t have it if you don’t give it.
  18. Guard your mind and thoughts with positive, good expectations and heating thinking.

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